Wood Sorrel - Oxalis acetosella

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A delightful dainty woodland plant, with delicate white flowers in spring, and light green 'shamrock' leaves, that can be eaten in salads as sorrel. It needs shade, and to be free of aggressive competition, so ideally planted at the base of trees, or in clear patches on shady banks. Plant the slender rhizomes about 2.5cm (1") deep in leaf mouldy soil.

Despatched – March & Mid August to the End of October

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English Name: 
Wood Sorrel
Latin Name: 
Oxalis acetosella
Welsh Name: 
Suran y Coed
Flowering Time: 
Planting Instructions: 
Plant rhizomes 1 deep in leaf mouldy soil
Dispatch Time: 
March & Mid August to the End of October
Woodland at the base of trees or shady banks. Damp well drained soil.
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