Winter Aconite 'in the green' - Eranthis hyemalis

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A harbinger of spring with its golden flowers and ruff of light green bracts this is native to Europe and is a common sight throughout the British Isles, where it is naturalised in woods and plantations all over the country. The tuberous rhizomes are freshly lifted prior to despatch. Plant about 7.5cm (3") deep.

Despatched – March (in the green)

For dormant bulbs in the autumn please follow this link: 'Eranthis'

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English Name: 
Winter Aconite 'in the green'
Latin Name: 
Eranthis hyemalis
Welsh Name: 
Bleidd-dag y Gaeaf
Flowering Time: 
Planting Instructions: 
Plant about 7.5cm deep
Dispatch Time: 
March (in the green)
Moist but well drained soil in sun or dappled shade.
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