Wild Leek - Allium ampeloprasum var babingtonii

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This the ancestor of A.porrum, the leek. In the wild in the British Isles it occurs on some rocky coasts of Cornwall, the Scillies and of course here in S.Wales. As tall as the cultivated vegetable, with similar purple umbels of flowers, it grows from a cloved bulb. The form we grow here is also called Babingtons Leek and produces bulbils on its flower heads from which it can be propagated.

Despatched - Mid August to the End of October

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English Name: 
Wild Leek
Latin Name: 
Allium ampeloprasum var babingtonii
Welsh Name: 
Garlleg Mawr Pengrwn
Flowering Time: 
Dispatch Time: 
Mid August to the End of October
Costal plant growing in well drained soil.
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