Summer Snowflake 'in the green' - Leucojum aestivum

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Actually more spring flowering (April-May) with 50cm (18) foliage and white flowers like large snowdrops, this thrives in moist or even boggy conditions, sun or partial shade. Also called the Loddon Lily as it was found along the banks of the Loddon a tributary of the Thames its native status is as hotly disputed as the Snakeshead Fritillary. We now just supply this form as it proves much the best performer, originally selected by W. Robinson from his Sussex Estate.

Despatched – March (in the green)

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English Name: 
Summer Snowflake 'in the green'
Latin Name: 
Leucojum aestivum
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March (in the green)
Moist to boggy soil in full sun or partial shade
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