Lily Of The Valley - Convallaria majalis

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This well loved plant is native to Britain where it is found locally in woods. Sending up oval leaves and richly fragrant, nodding white flowers in May, it is popular with both gardeners and bees. Growing in a variety of situations where they're happy, they can be fickle, so try them in different places to give them a choice. Plant thong like rhizomes firmly 2.5cm (1) deep laid horizontally.

Despatched – March & Mid August to the End of October

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English Name: 
Lily Of The Valley
Latin Name: 
Convallaria majalis
Welsh Name: 
Clych Enid
Flowering Time: 
Planting Instructions: 
Plant rhizomes horizontally 2.5cm deep
Dispatch Time: 
March & Mid August to the End of October
Woodland. Grow in moist, rich soil in full or partial shade.
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