Foxglove - Digitalis purpurea

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Tall and stately, with its hanging purple spotted bells, this is a plant loved not only by bees but also fairies. They were said to give the flowers to foxes to enable them to sneak magically into hen houses and away with their spoils. We have plenty of foxgloves and foxes and keep our hens securely penned. A biennial plant that will self seed freely.

Despatched – March & Mid August to the End of October

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English Name: 
Latin Name: 
Digitalis purpurea
Welsh Name: 
Bysedd y Cwn
Flowering Time: 
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Plant ASAP on delivery
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March & Mid August to the End of October
Woodland and hedgerows. Will tolerate most soils and situations with the exception of very wet or dry conditions. Prefers rich soil in partial shade.
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